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How to freshen up your living space?

The living room is the focal point of our home – it’s where we receive our guests and cherish our loved ones. It’s where we share laughs and create memories.

So, when thinking of sprucing up your home, the first place you should consider is your living room. With a little imagination, minor tweaks can go a long way to breathe life into your living space.


Paint color can set the mood for your living area and in some cases can give the impression that the area is much bigger than it really is.

Depending on the colors on your walls, you will feel more breathing room and will be more at ease. Studies have shown that a living room with lots of bright colors can make you feel more relaxed and cheerful.

Green, for example, is a soothing color that can invite harmony and diffuse anxiety. Alternately red can trigger anxiety in many people and is known to be one of the most stressful colors to decorate with.

Furniture placement is another way to improve your living area. Choosing the right furniture and strategically placing it helps create an attractive and exciting living space. Furniture pieces, such as tables and sofas, can help create separate sections within one area.

Remember that sometimes less is better – don’t add furniture to the area just because it’s empty. There must be a balance between space, furniture pieces, and placement. You don’t want to make the space look cluttered thus taking away from the beauty of the furniture.

Moreover, consider the size of the furniture – you don’t want a huge dining table in Austin Texas in a small dining area. No matter how beautiful the dining set is, it will not shine in a tight space.

A well-chosen one-of-a-kind light fixture is a perfect conversation starter. Though, with so many options out there, choosing one can be a challenge.

For starters, you do not want anything too bright that will hurt your eyes. When shopping around pay attention to the lumens the fixture gives off. The general ballpark for the dining table room area is 3K to 4K lumens and the living room area 1K to 2K lumens.  

Again, take sizing into consideration. You don’t want an overbearing chandelier on top of a small dining table.  

Nothing screams boring more than empty walls and corners. Empty walls can be effectively covered with artwork and empty corners can be filled with sculptures/vases.

You will be surprised how a dull area is brought to life with carefully picked artwork. Now, most of us think of expensive when the word artwork is brought up. This is no longer the case – there are plenty of options online that will not break the bank. Have a little fun with it!

Texture and depth may be added to a flat environment by using patterned throw cushions and rugs. You don’t need to overthink this one – a basic patterned design contrasted with flat color in the background will create that ‘pop’ effect you are looking for.

Finally, you can pepper your living room with a few live edge accent pieces – in particular a Guanacaste live edge dining table. You probably have seen live edge designs in a magazine, hotel, or on TV but couldn’t name it.

Well, not it has a name – a live edge. From its name, you can deduce it’s a wooden furniture piece that has a live edge somewhere. Yes! you are correct. Live edge furniture leaves at least one side natural and untouched.

A perfectly positioned live-edge coffee table will certainly liven up a living space. The coffee table can be squared, round, or irregular – that’s the beauty of live edge.  At MORUXO, we believe handmade is the way to go and proudly serve the Live Edge Table Austin Texas community.

We hope you found some inspiration in this article and decide to no longer stare helplessly at that boring living space. If considering a live-edge dining table, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

If you are looking for a live edge dining table, we have a wide selection (visit our shop page) of live edge slabs to pick from.

We are a live-edge furniture store in Austin Texas that has proudly served the area since 2018.  We meet by appointment and will gladly show what we have on hand so you can complete your dining set. If you have questions or want to see our live edge slabs email us at or call us at (915) 412 5985

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