Rubio MONOCOAT Application and Maintenance

A common question we get asked is “How do I maintain my table that was finished with Rubio Monocoat?” Well, we are all in luck! Rubio has several products available to keep your table looking new.  You can purchase them directly from Rubio, off  Amazon, or if we have any available, we can sell them to you here are MORUXO.  In a nutshell, they have a soap for everyday table cleaning, a renew to maintain luster, a maintenance oil for occasional maintenance, and finally its infamous oil plus 2 C which is the sealer itself.  Below are detailed instruction provided by Rubio on how you use each.  

NOTE: Rubio was originally made for floors. This is why soooo durable! In our case we used for tables tops. The documentation below references to floors though we are using for your table. 


Caring for your oiled Table 

Surface Care Spray Product Application

Renew Product Application

Universal Maintenance Oil Product Application

06 Rubio Monocoat Product Application

Spot Repair Using Scotch Brite

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