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What makes a live edge slab expensive?

Live edge wood slabs have become increasingly popular for furniture and decor, but the high cost of live edge slabs can be a barrier for many homeowners. One of the main factors contributing to the expense of live edge wood is the rarity of the wood species used for it. In this article, we’ll explore the rarity and quality of Guanacaste wood, the challenges associated with sourcing and harvesting it, and the labor-intensive milling and finishing process for live edge slabs.


One of the wood species commonly used for live edge furniture is Guanacaste wood. Guanacaste wood is a wood species that is native to Central America, and it is known for its unique grain patterns and stunning color variations. Although Guanacaste wood is less rare than other wood species used for live edge furniture, such as black walnut or maple burl, it is still prized for its distinct personality, durability, and longevity. Compared to other wood species, Guanacaste wood offers a relatively lower cost of live edge slabs, making it a popular choice for live edge furniture.


Obtaining Guanacaste wood can be a challenging process due to its unique growth patterns and the remote locations where it is often found. The harvesting process requires skilled workers and specialized equipment to extract the wood without damaging it. Additionally, the transportation costs associated with obtaining Guanacaste wood can add to the overall cost of live edge furniture.


The milling process for live edge slabs is a labor-intensive process that requires skilled craftsmen to carefully cut and shape the wood into the desired shape. Guanacaste wood, in particular, can be challenging to mill due to its irregular shape and density. The finishing process for live edge slabs is also complex, requiring careful sanding and finishing to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.


When it comes to creating live edge dining tables, some table providers use multiple pieces of wood to cut costs due to the high live edge wood prices. However, this approach can result in a table that lacks the character and beauty of a single slab of wood. A single slab of wood makes the live edge slab price higher, but it provides a unique and stunning centerpiece for any dining room.


At Moruxo, we’ve placed a priority on making live edge dining tables more affordable for our customers. We’ve established an innovative approach that allows us to create tables before the customer orders them and then allow the customer to pick from our inventory of tables. This approach creates efficiency in our production process because tables are being made by our craftsmen at all times, with no breaks in work. It allows us to add manufacturing principles to our table production and more efficiently produce tables on a regular basis, which ultimately leads to a more affordable price for our customers.

Our unique shopping experience also allows customers to choose from a wide array of Guanacaste wood slabs, ensuring that they can find the perfect piece for their home. By choosing from our inventory of pre-made tables, customers can take advantage of the cost savings associated with efficient production methods without sacrificing quality or individuality.


If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind live edge dining table that won’t break the bank, schedule your visit to Moruxo’s showroom in Austin, Texas. Our unique approach to table production ensures that our customers can find a table that is both affordable and of the highest quality. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your visit.

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