Beautiful live edge table made from expensive wood

Why Are Live Edge Wood Tables Expensive?

Live edge wood tables are a stunning addition to any home. However, they often come with a hefty price tag. In this article, we will explore why live edge wood tables are expensive and what makes them worth the investment.

Quality of Wood in Expensive Wood Tables

First and foremost, the quality of wood used in live edge tables significantly impacts their cost. Premium woods such as walnut, guanacaste, and parota are highly sought after for their durability and unique grain patterns. These types of wood are classified as expensive furniture wood, such as expensive wood tables, due to their rarity and exceptional qualities.

Sourcing and Harvesting

The process of sourcing and harvesting high-quality wood adds to the expense. Trees suitable for live edge tables must be large and well-preserved. Moreover, the responsible and sustainable harvesting of these trees ensures the longevity of forests, but it also increases costs. Refer to The American Wood Council website detailing How I can tell if my wood is sustainably sourced.

Single Slab Construction in Expensive wood tables

Live edge tables crafted from a single slab of wood require more specialized equipment and advanced woodworking skills compared to tables made from multiple pieces. The labor-intensive process of cutting, drying, and finishing a single slab contributes to the overall cost of these expensive wood tables. For instance, at MORUXO, we offer competitive pricing on our single slab tables while maintaining high-quality standards.

Drying Process

Before a live edge slab can be used, it must undergo a thorough drying process to prevent cracking and warping. This process can take several months and requires careful monitoring. Kiln drying, often used to speed up the process, ensures even drying but adds to the expense. Oklahoma State University explains the Fundamental Aspects of Kiln Lumber for more information.

Craftsmanship and Labor

Creating live edge wood tables involves meticulous craftsmanship. Each table is unique, requiring custom cutting, shaping, sanding, and finishing. This level of detail and precision significantly increases labor costs. Expert craftsmen put in countless hours to ensure that each piece meets high standards of quality and aesthetics.

Finishing Touches

The finishing process is another factor that makes live edge wood tables expensive. High-quality finishes, including oils, varnishes, and sealants, enhance the wood’s natural beauty and provide protection. The live edge slab finishing process involves multiple layers and careful application to achieve a flawless result.

Uniqueness and Aesthetic Appeal

One of the main reasons why live edge wood tables are expensive is their uniqueness. Each table has distinct natural edges and grain patterns, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. This individuality and aesthetic appeal make these tables highly desirable and often justify the higher price.

Comparing with Other Expensive Wood Tables

When compared to other types of expensive wooden furniture, live edge tables stand out for their natural beauty and craftsmanship. This truly is what makes them expensive wood tables. Whether you’re looking at expensive wood desks or coffee tables, live edge pieces often command a higher price due to their distinctive features and the effort required to create them.

Why Are Coffee Tables So Expensive?

Coffee tables, particularly live edge ones, are often expensive because they serve as a centerpiece in living rooms. Their unique design and high-quality wood make them a focal point, adding to their value. Similarly, expensive desks made from live edge slabs offer both functionality and artistic appeal, making them worth the investment.

Sustainable Practices

Using sustainably sourced wood not only supports environmental conservation but also increases the cost of the wood. Sustainable practices ensure that forests are managed responsibly, which can be more expensive than conventional methods. This commitment to sustainability is part of what makes live edge wood tables a premium product, if properly sourced, thus making them expensive wood tables

Choose MORUXO for Quality and Affordability

At MORUXO, we specialize in creating custom live edge wood tables that offer both quality and affordability. Our expert craftsmen use sustainable practices to produce unique and stunning pieces. If you’re in Austin, Texas, visit our store to explore our selection of live edge wood tables.

Explore Austin, Texas

Austin is known for its vibrant culture, music scene, and delicious BBQ, as well as its thriving woodworking community. To learn more about Austin, visit this guide to Austin.

In conclusion, the expense of live edge wood tables is justified by the quality of wood, the labor-intensive process, and their unique aesthetic appeal. By choosing sustainably sourced, high-quality pieces, you’re investing in furniture that will last a lifetime. Visit MORUXO to find the perfect live edge table for your home.


The featured series in this collection are carefully crafted to cater to various styles and tastes, each representing unique aesthetics and functionality.

  • Grandeur Series: This line includes large, robust tables that are ideal for sizeable social gatherings. They epitomize luxury and durability, offering a regal touch to any space.
  • Modern Minimalist: For those who appreciate understated beauty, this series presents sleek and simple furniture. It’s designed for modern spaces where less is more, emphasizing clean lines and minimalistic design.
  • Classic Elegance: This series is perfect for lovers of traditional decor. It features furniture with detailed craftsmanship and timeless designs that add sophistication and grace to any room.

Each series in this collection is distinct, offering something special for different interior design preferences. Whether your home calls for grand statements or subtle beauty, there’s something here that will resonate with your style.

What styles are available in the collection of luxury wood dining tables?

Our collection of luxury wood dining tables offers a versatile array of styles to beautifully enhance your dining space. Here’s what you can find:

  • Opulent Traditional: These tables are grand in scale, crafted to become the centerpiece of lavish dinner parties. They feature robust and elegant designs that bring a sense of grandeur and timelessness to your dining room.
  • Contemporary Chic: For those who favor a more modern aesthetic, our tables come in streamlined, minimalist designs. Ideal for contemporary spaces, these tables speak to a sleek, understated elegance that complements any modern decor.
  • Sophisticated Classics: If your taste leans towards the timeless, our classic tables are perfect. With finely detailed workmanship, these tables carry a refined grace that suits sophisticated decor styles, echoing a heritage charm.

Each style is designed to not only meet the diverse tastes of our clientele but also to ensure they serve as magnificent focal points in your dining area. Whether you’re hosting a large family gathering or a simple, refined dinner, our tables adapt beautifully to your needs and surroundings.

How does the brand offer customization for the tables?

The brand takes pride in offering exceptional customization options for dining tables, allowing each customer to tailor their purchase to their specific tastes and spatial needs. Here’s how you can personalize your table (depending on availability and current workload):

  • Choose Your Size: Regardless of the dimensions of your dining area, you can select a table size that fits perfectly.
  • Select Your Wood Type: Each type of wood has its unique charm and properties. You have the freedom to pick from a variety of wood types that best suit your home’s aesthetics.
  • Opt for Your Finish: To further align with your personal style, you can choose the finish that best complements your dining space.

How does the brand emphasize sustainability in their production?

The brand places a strong emphasis on sustainability throughout their production processes. They ensure that all the wood used in their products comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. Additionally, the company continuously works on reducing their environmental impact. This is achieved without sacrificing the luxury and quality that their products are known for, demonstrating their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

What is highlighted as the value of investing in a luxury wood dining table from the brand?

Investing in a luxury wood dining table from our brand transcends mere furniture acquisition; it’s about embracing a piece that integrates both aesthetic allure and unparalleled functionality into your living space. The article from your page that answers the question “What is highlighted as the value of investing in a luxury wood dining table from the brand?” is as follows:

“For starters, you will welcome an utterly unique piece of a furniture into your home. No one else on planet Earth will have the same table. Each slab is unique by default, even if it originated from the same log as another. For most homeowners, this uniqueness and exclusivity is worth the higher price tag alone.”

By choosing our tables, you are not just buying a place to gather for meals; you are making a long-term investment in enduring beauty and functionality that will enhance your home for years to come. Each table promises not only a unique centerpiece but also a durable construction that stands the test of time, ensuring that your purchase remains a valuable part of your home environment. This commitment to excellence ensures that every table isn’t just a piece of furniture, but a lasting part of your home’s story.

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