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Why Are Live Edge Wood Tables Expensive?

We can all admire the beauty of live edge wood tables – from the imperfections to the knots, cracks, and everything else that makes these incredible pieces of the future so unique. However, while these tables are, without a doubt, a thing of beauty, many people initially balk at their price.

With some live edge tables running to a couple of thousand dollars, many would-be customers rightly wonder why these tables cost so much more than their more conventional counterparts and whether such an outlay is worth the investment.

With that in mind, we are going to run through what goes into making these tables, why they are more expensive, and explain why they are worth the investment.


Firstly, it’s important to point out that each live edge slab used for a dining or coffee table takes potentially years to produce, which pushes up its overall cost.

The process usually starts with selecting a suitable log. Given that many slabs are several feet across, you can begin to appreciate just how large (and therefore expensive) that starting log has to be to create a 100% natural dining table slab, for example.

It is then exposed to the elements for coloring before being air-dried in preparation for cutting slabs. This process could take years, depending on the specific species of tree. The log is then cut into slabs before artisans work hard on them to fill in holes and cracks and coat them in a finish that will protect them against scratches and water damage.


As the process we just detailed has hopefully demonstrated, there are several challenges involved in the creation of live edge wood furniture. These pieces cannot be mass-produced, they have to be tended to by hand right the way through the process, making the finished product incredibly labor-intensive.

Live edge wood slabs are 100% natural, which means even after the potential years of drying (and associated drying costs), there are still cracks, voids, and bark inclusions to treat or take care of.

There are also the hours of sanding, the painstaking process of filling in holes and cracks with epoxy resin, and then staining and treating the wood to ensure its longevity to factor into the cost of a finished product.

Lastly, bear in mind that the processes listed above refer to the slab only. Plenty of secondary work goes into making a slab a table too, such as manufacturing and attaching the legs.


While there’s no question that you will pay more upfront for your live edge wood dining table, what you get in return is well worth the investment.

For starters, you will welcome an utterly unique piece of furniture into your home. No one else on planet Earth will have the same table. Each slab is unique by default, even if it originated from the same log as another. For most homeowners, this uniqueness and exclusivity is worth the higher price tag alone.

However, there’s more to factor into your purchasing decision. For instance, your dining table is perhaps the most used item of furniture in your home. You will potentially use it several times a day, every day.

With many people feeling that their dining room isn’t just a place to consume meals and welcome guests but also a place that acts as the beating heart of the home, it makes sense to splash out on a piece of furniture that will be so visible and will receive so much use.

Thanks to the hard work of artisans before it arrives in your home, they are also extremely durable and will undoubtedly stand the test of time. You could even pass on your table to future generations as a family heirloom.

Lastly, they are versatile design pieces that match almost all décor themes, with the added bonus that they will undoubtedly spark conversation every time you welcome guests into your home.


Here at MORUXO, we make buying live edge wood furniture such as dining tables easy. Our hassle-free, four-step process allows you to take home the table of your dreams the same day you view it in our warehouse.

There’s no more waiting for months for your slab to be prepared and delivered. Instead, you simply visit our warehouse showroom, choose the slab and table leg combination that suits you best, and then take it home. It’s that simple!

So if you want to invest in unique live edge wooden furniture the easy way, simply pay us a visit in South Austin, or head over to our online shop to browse our current inventory. Alternatively, if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment to view our live edge slabs, feel free to call us at (915) 412 5985 or email us at

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