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The Moruxo Furniture Store difference

For your house, we at MORUXO are passionate about making a magnificent live edge dining table in San Antonio Texas. We start with a single wood slab and turn it into a stunning dining table set. But how do we differ from the nearby San Antonio, Texas furniture stores? Check the three different ways.

Affordable Prices


You’ve found the right spot for that special dining table of live edge san antonio texas. Compared to big box furniture stores in San Antonio Texas and even online, our prices are literally thousands lower. Visit our shop page to see the actual pricing of each dining table we have.

Finished Tables

Our live edge dining tables in San Antonio Texas are finished and ready to be installed in your home. Other furniture stores in San Antonio Texas require a long and arduous customization procedure if you want a real live edge dining table. When you order from us, you’ll receive exactly what you see, and you can take it home the same day. There is no waiting, no painful customization processes, and no surprises. You’ll love this high-quality live-edge dining table. Take a look at our gallery for pictures of some of our satisfied customers.

Single Slab Tables

Unlike expensive replicas mass-produced from multiple wood slabs, our tables are handmade using a single slab of wood. Our tables are never assembled by joining multiple wood slabs together. A high-quality, single-slab dining table is what you should look for in other San Antonio Texas Furniture Stores.

What is live edge Dining Table San Antonio Texas?

It’s likely you’ve seen a live edge dining table in a magazine, hotel, fancy restaurant, or on TV. Live edge furniture pieces are made from wood slabs that retain their natural curves. You heard it right. At least one side of live edge furniture is left natural and untouched. Raw, gnarly knots and stunning imperfections in the wood are common characteristics of this furniture style. Because of their flexibility and ability to match most styles of decoration, live edge in San Antonio Texas have become increasingly popular in recent years.


When selecting the perfect style for your live-edge furniture, understanding the different edge types is crucial. Each edge style offers a unique aesthetic that can significantly influence the overall look and feel of your furniture piece. Here are the main edge styles to consider:

Curved Live-Edge: This style maintains the natural outline of the wood, incorporating its original curves and contours. It adds a rustic and unique appearance to the furniture piece.

Straight Live-Edge: This style still has the natural live edge curves but they are less accentuated, making it more practical for those seeking a balance between the organic feel of a live edge and the clean lines of a straight cut.

Straight Cut-Edge: This provides a more traditional look with clean, sharp lines, offering a contemporary finish to the furniture.

Each edge type offers a distinct aesthetic and can significantly influence the overall look of the furniture piece.

Why choose Moruxo?

Experience the beauty, touch, and charisma of a live edge in San Antonio Texas for your home at MORUXO Furniture Store. It is our mission to create dining tables that are accessible to the everyday person. For much less than you might expect, you can enjoy a breathtaking piece of furniture in your home. With live edge wood slabs, we strive to create aesthetically pleasing pieces without charging a fortune. Let us introduce you to the MORUXO experience – it’s not your typical furniture store in San Antonio Texas. 

Please note, we meet by appointment only and  DO NOT ACCEPT WALK-INS. Please book an appointment at least 24 hours in advance of desired timing.

Explore Our Size and Length Options

Are you wondering what size MORUXO Dining Table will fit perfectly in your space? Whether you have a cozy nook or a grand dining area, we have a range of sizes to meet your needs:

  • 3′ – 5′ Small: Ideal for intimate spaces or smaller rooms.
  • 6′ – 8′ Standard: Perfect for most family settings.
  • 9′ – 10′ Medium: Great for those extra couple of guests.
  • 10′ – 12′ Large: Suitable for larger gatherings.
  • 12′ and above – Oversize: Best for spacious rooms or commercial settings.

Download our virtual reality app!

Would you like to see how a MORUXO Dining Table will look in your home? Are you unsure of what size table to get? Are you unsure of what legs to buy? You can make a decision using our MORUXO Table Visualizer. Visualize different dining table sizes paired with different leg options. Use it for free and it’s easy to use.

With these tools and options at your fingertips, choosing the right dining table has never been easier. Find your perfect fit and visualize it in your space today!

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MORUXO Furnishings

With a cross-section of modern and rustic, MORUXO Furniture Store offers unique and stylish live edge dining table in San Antonio texas. We design farmhouse furniture, mid-century modern furniture, and contemporary furniture (and everything in between!). With our furniture store, we harness the natural beauty of wood and only seek to share it with others for generations to come.

Therefore, we specialize in selling handmade furniture made from large wood slabs from Guanacaste trees. Our furniture designs are aesthetically pleasing and functional for everyday use. Each piece in our inventory is loved by us, and we are sure you will be as well.

How it works?

Lets build your dream live edge table today!

With unique products and exceptional quality, we strive to provide an amazing experience to our customers. It’s what we do! You can take your live edge table home the day you buy it with our simple Four Step Build Your Own Process

1. Visit Warehouse

Visits us via appointment

2. Select From Wood Slabs

Select favorite slab

3. Select Table Legs

Pick legs to pair with slab

4. Load Dining Table

Take table home !


A few of our happy clients

We can't be happier with our purchase - price is amazing, workmanship is top quality. Highly recommended!
Hiromi Raymond
The table is gorgeous and certainly a conversation piece. The service and installation was very professional.
Shelley Hatley
Everyone was incredibly helpful. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for unique furniture.
Michelle Sterzovsky


A little inspiration from past customers

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Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our passion is meeting people and showing them our live-edge dining tables! Visit our furniture store in San Antonio Texas to see and feel the quality of our wood slabs. I will gladly meet with you at a time/day that is convenient for you. Our friendly product experts will ensure that you receive individual attention based on your specific needs when you schedule an appointment with us.

Please note, we meet by appointment only and  DO NOT ACCEPT WALK-INS. Please book an appointment at least 24 hours in advance of desired timing.


  1. What is involved in the Cast Edge technique?
    Cast Edge technique involves embedding the edges of the wood with materials such as metals or resins to create distinctive, often ornamental borders around the furniture.
  2. What is meant by Dimensional in live-edge furniture design?
    Dimensional furniture emphasizes complex, three-dimensional shapes and structures, adding depth and visual interest.
  3. What does Single Slab mean in the context of live-edge furniture?
    Single Slab refers to furniture crafted from a single piece of wood, maintaining the natural edges of the wood on both sides of the piece.
  4. What defines the Epoxy River style in furniture making?
    The Epoxy River style features a strip of epoxy resin, often colored, set between two slabs of wood, creating a visual effect reminiscent of a river.
  5. What is the Book Match style in live-edge furniture?
    Book Match style involves joining two wood pieces so that they symmetrically mirror each other, resembling an open book.


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